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Why do Korean Male Actors Wear Lipstick? Unveiling the Mysteries

Why do Korean Male Actors wear Lipstick?

Have you ever been curious about “why do Korean male actors wear lipstick?”

Here are the answers to all your curiosities.

You need not be amazed because in South Korea, lipstick or makeup is worn by women and men.

In a country with high beauty standards, it’s normal to wear lipstick by male actors. Wearing lipstick can enhance your features, make you look more adorable, and express your style and taste. 

Beauty trends have changed in the past few years, and makeup has become less gender-specific. Thus, in South Korea and other countries, actors wear lipstick to groom their facial features.

But one thing to keep in mind is that the use of lipstick by men is a personal choice that may vary from person to person.

All answers to your questions about “Why do Korean male actors wear lipstick?” are in this article. So, get in touch till the end.

Analyzing the Factors Contributing to “Why do Korean Male Actors Wear Lipstick?”

Here, we will explore some factors or reasons behind “Why do Korean Male Actors Wear Lipstick?

  • Demand of Character:

The foremost reason why Korean male actors wear lipstick is their demanding characters. Some characters are bold and confident and need somewhat different personalities and styles. So, lipstick is a tool that can present their diverse character roles with confidence. Actors feel comfort in performing their roles with style and confidence.

  • Changing Fashion Trends:

The male South Korean actors brought new trends in beauty. This changed the aesthetic sense of men.

In the past few years, makeup trends have changed and evolved quickly, and thus, lipstick is not only confined to female actors but also accessible to male actors. Wearing lipstick has become a common practice in the Korean entertainment industry, where lipstick or makeup is also used by male actors to enhance their facial features and physical appearances.

  • Cosmetic Marketing:

South Korea is known worldwide for its beauty products. There, makeup is an important element in their daily routines. Nowadays, several male and female actors have launched their personal makeup brands, and this trend is flourishing daily.

Among makeup, lipstick has a significant importance. So, they use lipstick to promote their brand.


  • Sponsorships:

One of the main reasons why Korean male actors wear lipstick is their collaborations with top and luxurious beauty brands. 

Several beauty brands in Korea only make and promote beauty products specifically related to men. They pay a handsome amount for promoting their makeup products, including lipstick.

  • Public Appearances:

When it’s a matter of public appearances or red carpets, male Korean actors cannot ignore lipstick as a significant beauty tool that makes their appearances more beautiful. Of course, when it’s a matter of beauty, everyone wants to look charming and adorable.

But it’s essential to remember that not all Korean male actors need vibrant lipstick colours. Some young Korean male celebrities enhance their features using lip balm or lip tint.

  • K-pop idols Influence:

K-pop idols influence the use of lipstick by other Korean male celebrities in a broader sense.

K-pop idols have a vital role in beauty and fashion trends, and they are often considered trendsetters in South Korea and around the globe. They are known worldwide for their unique fashion sense. They use lipstick in their daily routines, stage performances, music videos, red carpets, and social media presence. This encourages other Korean actors to use lipstick.

  • Breaking Stereotypes:

Some Korean male actors use lipstick to challenge the typical stereotypes related to gender. Thus, they may pave the way to promote gender equality.

In my opinion, it’s not a bad thing. Everyone has a right to look adorable.

 What are your thoughts? Feel free to share with us in the comment section.

  • Hydration:

Some Korean male celebrities use lipstick or lip balms to keep their lips hydrated and moisturized. This prevents their lips from dehydration and dryness.

There are some beauty brands that introduced lip balms and lip tints that Korean male actors use on their lips to keep them hydrated. 


“Why do Korean male actors wear lipstick?” is multifaceted. These could be the demand for a character, personal grooming, growing with the updated fashion trends, developing a unique fashion sense, getting influenced by K-Pop idols, cosmetic branding and marketing, sponsorships, international deals and collaborations, etc. 

However, male actors using lipstick is not weird at all. 

I hope you have found all the answers to your queries regarding why Korean male actors wear lipstick. 

How did you find this article? Tell us in the comment section, and stay tuned for more updates.


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