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North Korean Actors:Journey into the Unknown

North Korean Actors

North Korea, a nation often known as the Hermit Kingdom, is enveloped in a veil of secrecy and intrigue. Apart from its known environment, North Korea also takes pride in its lesser-explored aspect of culture: its performers.

The past of actors is closely connected to the turbulent history of their country. They frequently have a role in promoting the ruling regime’s ideology. Korean actors have a performance style that is deeply influenced by traditional Korean culture. Due to living in a regulated society, they encounter obstacles, including strict censorship and limited opportunities for artistic expression.

Here are the names of some famous North Korean actors.


1 Pak Mi hyung (Actress) The School’s Girl Diary None
2 Hong Yong-hee


The Star of Korea

The Flower Girl

Prize People’s Actress

Kim Jong II

3 Kim Ryu-Kyong Senior Queen


4 Ryong keo (Born 1940) I’m Not Bruce, King’s Women, Ninja Champion, Crime Stopper None
5 Yeonmi Park (Born 1993) Youtuber



6 Chang Sung Kim (Born in 1960) Graduates, Bottom of The Sea, Phase 7 Tato Award
7 Yu Hyun mok (1925-2009)

Film Director

Nightmare, Rainy Days, Son of a Man, Lost Youth Won 12 awards, Nominated 2 times.
8 Jong Nam Kim (1971-2017)

Actor, Producer

Frontline(1983), Silent Venom (2009) None
9 Yeong Gyun Shin (Born 1928), Actor, Producer, Politician A Failure, Sea Walls, Tonight Forever, A Crossroad, A Woman Teacher, Flowers and Birds Grand Bell Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards, Korean Film Awards
10 Ming Hui Kim (Actress)

Born 1935

Red Flower

The Hero Noreturn

11 Ah Mei (Actress)

Born 1982

18 Jin Bu Jin (TV Series) None
12 Abbie Ratay (Actress)

Born 1984

Elite XC (TV Series 2007) None
13 Woo In-hee

(North Korean actress)

Died in 1981

The Story of a Detachment, The Town Where We Live, The Girl from Diamond Mountain None
14 Song Hye-rim (1937-2002) Well known for being the mistress of Kim Jong II None
15 Kim Son-nam (Actor)

Born 1948

Comrade Kim Goes Flying, The Star of Korea Merited Actor
16 Choe Chang-su (Actor)

Died in 2020

Wolmi Island, Spirit of Korean Celadon, The Fourteenth Winter, Nation, and Destiny People’s Actor

Labor Hero

17 Choe Pong-sik Miles Along the Railway

Nation and Destiny

Our Lifeline

People’s Actor
18 Ryu Kyong-ae  Nation and Destiny Merited Actress
19 Yu Won-jun Nation and Destiny People’s Actor

Labor Hero

20 Han Yong-phal (Actor) Our Fragrance

Nation and Destiny

Merited Actor
21 Ri Sol-hui (Actress) Song of Love People’s Actress
22 Kim Chol (Actor) Run and Run People’s Actor
23 Kim Myong-mun (Actor) My Look in the Distant Future, The Third Golden Medal, Wedding Deureseu Merited Actor
24 O Mi-ran (Actress)

Died in 2006

Traces of Life, A Broad Bellflower, Saebyul People’s Actress
25 Yom Myong-hui The Third Golden Medal None
26 So Kyong-sop Nation and destiny

Ask Yourself

People’s Actor
27 So Sin-hyang (Actress) Ask Yourself

Nation and Destiny

People’s Actress
28 Jong Son-hwa (Actress) Cradle People’s Actress
29 Ri Jong-chon The Star of Korea, A Day Before People’s Actor
30 Kim Ryong-in Nation and Destiny


People’s Actor



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