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Secret Love Lives: Korean Actors Who Are Married

Korean Actors Who Are Married

The Korean entertainment industry is famous for its attractive dramas and movies that show the chemistry of talented Korean actors. The favourite on-screen couples of fans show spark beyond the camera. The fans are curious about the Korean actor getting married in 2022 and the Korean actor getting married in 2023. In this blog, we will indulge in the wedding bells of the Korean industry and make a list of Korean celebrity married couples list. Go ahead!

The Trend of Korean Actors Getting Married in 2023

As Korean entertainment gained popularity, their personal life became the fans’ focus. People are captivated by their chemistry and relate it to the Korean actor’s real-life couples. Most of the wedding bells were held in 2023, and this season is continuing. The marriage trend started when the famous Korean actor married in 2022.

Korean Celebrities Married Couples list:

There is a broad list of Korean celebrity married couples. In this category, every type of wedding bell is present, including international marriages, delayed marriages, and the Korean actors secretly married. Here is an overview of couples:

Katy Louise Saunders and Song Joong-ki:

This couple had started their wedding spell in January 2023. Song Joong-ki is the most famous actor in the Korean industry. His wife is not an actress but gained popularity after marriage. The couple enjoyed their bliss in full swing and welcomed their little newborn son in June 2023.

korean celebrity married couples list

Amin and Go Kyu Pil:

Go Kyu Pil is a famous Korean actor who announced his marriage to the popular singer and his girlfriend. Reporters say that the couple will tie the knot in November. However, the story of the couple is interesting!

Amin and Go Kyu Pil

Kim Dong Wook with his girlfriend:

The Prince actor Kim Dong Wook exposes his relationship with his girlfriend, and according to the sources, they will married soon. Fans are waiting to see the happy couple and their new journey.

Kim Dong Wook

Cha Seo Won and Uhm Hyun Kyung:

Both these famous Korean celebrities tied in the wedding spell at the start of 2023 and are now announcing the arrival of their little one. The on-screen couple started their love life after a K-drama. The wedding rumors were not declared publically.

Cha Seo Won & Uhm Hyun Kyung

Lee Da-Hae and Seven:

This is a couple: a singer and an actress; both are Korean. The couple spent their seven years of love life together and have now announced their marriage. The wedding ceremony will come soon; the date has not been decided yet. Both the celebrities announced the wedding on their Instagram accounts.

Lee Da-Hae and Seven

Divorced Korean Actors

Divorce among Korean actors is most significant in high-profile couples. Some popular couples are known as power couples, which attract the media attention on the breaking news of divorces. The soulmates are no more with each other. Some of the notable divorced Korean actors are here:

  1. Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong:

In 2016, both these celebrities worked together in a K-drama and started their relationship. This on-screen couple turned into a real-life couple after having a successful marriage event in 2017. The whole Korean community and fans enjoyed it a lot. The real-life couple did not spend life forever and separated after 20 months of marriage. This announcement thrilled the media and fans. However, the separation took place with the consent of both partners.

divorced korean actors

  1. Park Han Byul and Seven:

This was a relationship between a singer and an actress. The couple’s goals were started in 2002 but kept confidential. Reporters spread the news that Korean actors secretly married in 2009, and then the relationship was exposed publically. After 12 years of marriage, the couple was involved in the list of divorced Korean actors due to some scandals.

Park Han Byul and Seven

  1. Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Hyun:

This on-screen couple showed their chemistry in a K-drama, but then they became a real-life couple by proposing to each other. The couple exposed their romantic life in 2016 and announced it in public. This news broke in the media like a fire. Unfortunately, the power couple spread the news of divorce in 2019. No one knew their background history.

Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Hyun

Korean Celebrities Who Married Their Fans

Korean celebrities who married their fans produced reputable entertainment news for the Korean industry. When you think on this subject, it seems like an imagination. Isn’t it? Anyhow, these marriages are very rare but exciting and thrilling for the fans.

  1. Kim-Hyu Jin and Yoo Ji-Tae:

This was a wedding spell of an actor and a director. His wife was a huge fan and worked on his project. The couple is serving a happy life.

  1. Ji-sung and Lee-Bo young:

This couple is from South Korea and belongs to the Korean entertainment industry. Both the partners were fans of each other and dated before marriage.

  1. Jeong-Seung Bin and Jang Yoo-Ju:

A popular model and an actor married to the non-celebrity Jeong. The fan base purely started this relationship. The couple tied the knot in 2013 and spent a successful life journey.

  1. Yoo-Hee-Yoe and Mihwa:

Yoo-hee was a famous musician in the Korean industry. However, Mihwa was a fan of this famous musician in Korea. Their relationship and marriage have been celebrated in the media.


In conclusion, for Korean actors who are married, Korean celebrities getting married in 2023, and those who got divorced, all the news is the source of attraction for the media and the fans. The world of entertainment is ever-evolving regarding relationships or marriages. These relationships explore the universal nature of love and potential connections in the community.


  1. Is any Korean actor married?

A lot of Korean actors were married; however, their marital status changed according to the time and circumstances.

  1. Which Korean actor married a Korean actress?

Many Korean actors have married Korean actresses over the years. Their wedding bells converge the attraction of the whole community.

  1. Which Korean actor married an Indian girl?

With time, many actors married girls from different countries and states, but recently, in 2023, Jimin from Korea and Shivangi from India tied the knot.

  1. Which Korean celebrities married to foreigners?

Nine Korean celebrities are reported to be married to foreigners. 


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