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How Many Countries Watch Bollywood Movies? Exploring Global Footprint

How Many Countries Watch Bollywood Movies?

Bollywood is an enthusiastic global cinema for romance, love, drama, horror series, and weaving glances of music. From classical movies to timeless theatres, Bollywood is a global entertainment platform for viewers.

This exploration will explore the cinematic industry and how many countries watch Bollywood movies for entertainment. Looking at the past years, we learnt that Bollywood movies are broadcast from bustling streets to Mumbai theaters but all over the globe. Bollywood magic has no boundaries, and it influences almost all nations. The Bollywood industry gained popularity by connecting with international filmmakers and making a precise global approach to Bollywood movies. Let’s go to know how this industry influences globally.

Exploring the International Approach to Bollywood Movies

bollywood's movies

Bollywood has dynamic traits in the entertainment industry’s geographical region. The international approach of Bollywood movies is beyond the sub-continent. Here, we explore the factors that caused its popularity:

1. Cultural Ambassador

The cultural impact in India highlights the significance of Bollywood movies. Bollywood serves as an ambassador for cultural and traditional portrayal. These rich and versatile festivals urge the audience to watch Bollywood movies. Each Bollywood movie has retained the cultural aspects of Indians. 

2. Compatibility in Diversity

As the cultural portray is the art of Bollywood movies, same as the music sequence creates compatibility with the traditional aspects. The tales of Bollywood movies make a bridge among all the factors that promote national identity.

3. Economic Center

The Bollywood industry is the main source of finance for the economic needs. The economy of India reaches the maximum due to the box office revenue. Film production and merchandising are connected with the film location, increasing revenue.

4. Fashion and Trends

The Bollywood industry impacts cultural values, fashion trends, and styling. This trend occurs globally, not in specific regions. The outfits, hair styling, and makeovers are all these factors that make a star a fashion icon.  

5. Arising Indian Cinemas

The international success of the Bollywood industry increased its position in Indian cinemas. It plays a considerable role in cinemas worldwide. The production houses and stars gain massive popularity on a global stage.


Box Office Victory in the International Market

The Bollywood industry has crossed borders successfully in the global market. This victory demonstrates the Bollywood entertainment values and the abilities of actors, filmmakers, and production houses. Many Bollywood movies have attracted the attention of large audiences worldwide. When we review the successful history of Bollywood, we come to know some blockbuster movies internationally. These include:

  • Dangal in 2016
  • PK in 2014
  • Baahubali in 2015
  • Secret Superstar in 2017
  • My name is Khan in 2010
  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan in 2015
  • Padmaavat in 2018
  • 3 Idiots in 2009
  • Sultan in 2016
  • Chennai Express in 2013
  • Lagaan in 2001

These movies are superhit Bollywood movies all over the globe due to their unweaving characters, roles, and tales. These cultural ambassadors describe the richness and creativity of the Indian cinema industry.

How Many Countries Watch Bollywood Movies? A Global Overview

Bollywood’s international success is not only restricted to specific regions but it spread in all countries and continents. Here we go to understand how many countries watch Bollywood movies:

1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is an international traditional platform for Bollywood victory among the large Asian community. What makes Bollywood movies popular in the UK?

The answer is Bollywood cultural values and storytelling. The cultural resonance makes the box office revenue and popularity.


2. United State

Another region already has its industry praising Bollywood’s success and movies. Besides the Hollywood industry, the US has a growing audience over Bollywood. The Indian diaspora and festivals raise the Bollywood movies popularity.

3. Middle East

The third region where Bollywood movies are highly watched is the Middle East, including UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Bollywood movies have a strong position in cinemas, making the box office market.

4. Canada

Another famous and well-developed country is Canada, where cinemas shine with Bollywood movies. The multicultural approach and values make a huge landscape of Bollywood films in Canadian theaters.

5. Pakistan

Despite the political disputes and economic conditions, Bollywood movies have gained popularity and position in Pakistani cinemas. Pakistan is one of those countries that promote Bollywood films in their theaters and has a high demand for new releases.

6. China

China proved as a significant market for the Bollywood industry. Many Indian movies are highly appreciated in China especially those of Amir Khan movies. He performed in action movies, and all his movies have a subject to be concluded. Moreover, he showcased his cultural appeal and his potential.


7. South East Asia

South Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore have expressed a huge interest in Bollywood movies. All the streaming platforms and cinema houses are profoundly broadcasting Indian films.

8. Europe

The European countries highly appreciate and praise the potential and abilities of Bollywood film productions. The European region has multicultural societies, but they like the cultural norms of India. Film festivals and events in European countries increase the fame of Bollywood movies.

9. Australia

The vibrant multicultural society in Australia has led to a growing interest in Bollywood films. The presence of Indian communities and film festivals further contributes to their success.

10. Japan and South Korea

The Bollywood industry has less impact on South Korea and Japan due to cultural values. They do not like the themes and genres of Bollywood movies, but due to film festivals and cultural exchanges in Japan and South Korea, they show interest in Bollywood movies and praise their cinemas with these films.




We know the Bollywood industry has a global footprint by identifying the major countries where Bollywood movies are watched. Its cultural landscape resonates with the audience’s perspectives. The international success of Bollywood movies is due to being highly watched worldwide.


  1. How many countries see Bollywood movies?

About 110 countries globally introduce Bollywood movies on their silver screen.

  1. Which country likes Bollywood movies the most?

Surprisingly, India, the major country in the world, likes Bollywood movies the most and captures a large audience.

  1. How popular is the Bollywood industry globally?

According to a rough estimate, Bollywood movies are popular and watched by audiences of 3 billion.

  1. Do Chinese people like Bollywood movies?

In the past years, China has also shown interest in Bollywood movies due to the Film festivals in their region.

  1. How popular is the Bollywood movies in Japan?

Bollywood movies are not likely to be watched in Japan due to cultural differences, but audiences praise Bollywood music, art, and storytelling due to Indian film festivals.

  1. Is Bollywood famous in Russia?

Yes, Bollywood movies are highly demanding in Russia and Russians always appreciate the Indians.


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